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One Dead, Four Wounded At Shooting At Chicago Park

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Baltimore is experiencing its highest murder rate in history during the first 5 months of 2017 and now the feds are sending in help. Mayor Catherine Pugh asked the feds for resources to help with the out of control number of shootings, carjackings and robberies in B-More.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. This year Baltimore is facing the highest murder rate in history and now the feds are coming to help. What are your thoughts?

driver_nation We have to open up recreational centers and start to get more and more youth involved in some type of afternoon activities….

sheiztrouble The commissioner NEEDS TO GO, the mayor needs to be held accountable… just throw the whole city government away and start over 🙄

princebabymichael Nothing is going to change. Since Pugh came in office nothing has changed.

1sickcharger parents need to better parenting

mikenicedc They still gonna be killing each other..

dj_s5_ Good luck when the Feds step in, all that beating murders is over & they gonna be grabbing whole neighborhoods…..smh

Charlita Denise Williams Someone needs to help we are losing our young men and women we not only lose in death we lose when one is incarcerated as well and it doesn’t take prison to incarcerate some of our people’s minds are incarcerated because They can’t see pass their own twisted thoughts seek guidance and have someone take over before it’s too late our murder rate is soaring and we are losing our future may God be with us
Torry Belafonte What is the feds going to do? That’s just more police, more of law enforcement that could careless abt us Africans. This killing is our problem and we need to be the ones to fix it. How I don’t know
Pbj Johnson It’s about time


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