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Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police President, John McNesby, called Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters a “pack of rabid animals” during a “Back the Blue” rally Saturday, the Philadelphia Tribune reports.

He said BLM protesters had “no respect,” adding that they were “a racist hate group determined to instigate violence, and their targets are the men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department and their families, and that is where they cross the line.” 

McNesby seemed to single out one organizer, Asa Khalif, who has been especially diligent in demanding that an officer who shot and killed a Black man who was running away be charged with murder. McNesby called Khalif a “two-bit punk,” and told reporters, “I can’t use the words I want.” One can only imagine what words McNesby “wants” to use, since he is a member of the police department that allowed an officer to wear a Nazi tattoo.

McNesby called for a counter-rally when a dozen BLM protesters gathered outside the home of Ryan Pownall, a 15th district officer who shot and killed David Jones in June. Pownall is White; Jones is Black. While a gun was recovered on location, Jones had tossed the gun before running away. McNesby had pulled Jones over for allegedly driving a dirt bike recklessly through traffic.

Jones is the second Black man that Pownall shot while running away, The Inquirer reports. Pownall’s other victim lived, but was paralyzed from the chest down. Like Jones, Carnell Williams-Carney  was running away when he was shot in the back. Williams-Carney told reporters that when he heard the news of Jones’ shooting, he couldn’t believe that Pownall was still on the job. “It’s like he’s out there like it’s the OK Corral or Wild, Wild West. How many people does this guy got to kill or maim before somebody does something?”

SOURCE: The InquirerPhiladelphia Tribune


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