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A 26-year-old man was convicted for delivering an Illinois teen to a pimp for a $250 finder’s fee before she was murdered.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Charles McFee, 26, was charged after he sold Desiree Robinson on, reminding her on Facebook that “u still mine … we n this together right baby girl.”

Records show that Desiree apparently told him “look I don’t know who you think ur talking to but its not me ur not daddy to me He is.” Then, a less than a month later, she was found dead in a Markham garage on Christmas Eve in 2016.

Her throat was slit and her body beaten.

The newspaper reported that from there, pimp Joseph Hazley bought the teen for less than $300.

The case motivated Desiree Robinson’s grieving mother, Yvonne Ambrose, to file suit against and testify before the Senate in 2017 in support of legislation to restrict websites that contribute to online sex trafficking. Thankfully, the bill passed both chambers of Congress, but still has to be signed by President Trump.
“Without Backpage, there’s no murder of Desiree,” Antonio Romanucci, Ambrose’s lawyer, said after Tuesday’s hearing.
The newspaper also reported that McFee is expected to testify against Hazley in exchange for the feds to ask a judge to knock a third off his sentence. McFee is most likely to face between six and eight years in prison for his actions.
His lawyer told reporters that McFee has been “very upset through this whole process” and that he has no criminal history but “somehow got involved in something that got out of hand.”
“He’s not saying ‘Feel sorry for me,’” McFee’s attorney Christopher Graud stressed about his client.
 “He feels sorry for the family. He feels sorry for the girl.”
The Sun-Times noted that Desiree ran away from her grandparents’ home in November 2016, while later Hazley allegedly advertised her “companionship” on and “arranged for her to go on multiple dates a day, gave her clothing to wear, drove her to appointments and acted as security.”
Just tragic.


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