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Erica Dias was living in an extended stay hotel when she had a revelation. She never told anyone about her situation, instead, like most Black woman, she put on her face and handed out her business cards like all was well. It wasn’t until a panic attack sent her to the emergency room that she learned she had a lipoma. She dropped to her knees and prayed to God to guide her and she hasn’t been the same since.

The California native has been in the PR business for seven years. As the owner of The B Firm PR and Lead Publicist, she represents fashion and beauty brands, lifestyle brands, athletes, small businesses and nonprofits. While Dias is thriving in her current position, she vividly remembers the moment she chose “faith over fear.”

Erica credits her mentor Kenitra Williams for advising her when she needs it the most. “She’s the ultimate girl boss, phenomenal mother, wife, career woman and the owner of Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park, which is the first Black owned trampoline park of its kind. Kenitra always gives me such great advice. The best advice she gave me, was to pray and be specific with my prayers.”

The author and learned the power of prayer that night she left the hospital and it’s been the crux of her mantra ever since. “I told him that I could not do this thing called life without him, and if he guided me, I would follow him. My life changed in that very moment and I felt a big weight beginning to be lifted off me. I never looked back.

Dias got her start in PR working in the wardrobe department for a TV show, which led to her pursuing a career in PR.

“I didn’t really feel challenged me in a productive manner,” she explained. “I decided I wanted more for my career and one day called my sister Ashley and said ‘Hey, let’s start our own PR firm.’” Erica and Ashley created their website and a week later The B Firm PR was born.

“Being a entrepreneur is no joke,” she said. “Two years ago I wanted to throw in the towel because I thought ‘When am I going to have a husband to do this thing called life with?’ Every guy that I had been out with said I worked too much.” But a talk with her mentor set her straight. “I felt like I needed to change some things about how much I worked. After talking to my mentor, and getting that good reminder of my worth, I realized that I needed to just focus on me and God and the right person who is supposed to be in my life, will come when it’s time.”

Erica’s love for helping people and need for control over her life influenced her decision to make a change. “I decided that I never would work for anyone that I didn’t believe in. No money, or name could ever move me enough to devalue myself again. I knew it was time to create my own opportunities.”

And the opportunities did come. “I would say the biggest moment for me this far was providing PR services for the most popular NASCAR driver last year. I remember going to the awards show with my client and I was the only black woman in the room. I remember walking to the bathroom and asking god ‘What do you want me to do here?’ and I remember my grandma saying to me ‘Kill it every chance you get.’ I walked out of the bathroom, head held high and walked in the event hall and did my job and killed it! I felt amazing, empowered and ready to conquer the world.”

Erica’s attentiveness to her clients make her a valuable leader. “I study and I am a constant student. Always learning, growing and I know my value that I bring to the table,” she said. Now, Erica is sitting at the head of the table with her quarterly “Erica’s Table Of 20” event.

“I wanted to bring back authentic conversations again. So I wanted to create a fun, safe, warm atmosphere where men and women could connect, share and open up about there journeys. Next thing you know, I’ve hosted 27 Erica’s Table of 20 events, and wrote a book full of inspirational quotes that are bound to give you that pick me up that you need to get you through the year. The book is called Faith It Until You Make It, which it currently sold on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.”

Order Faith It Until You Make It, here.


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