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The body of a young Black woman was found earlier this month in Oklahoma days after she texted her mother begging for help.

According The Oklahoman, on April 29, 23-year-old Shaliyah Toombs, who was seven months pregnant, messaged her mother Twyla Taylor, “They gonna kill me mom help me.” Her mother immediately filed a missing person’s report with the police.

Days later, Shaliyah’s body was found in the back of a pickup truck left on a local highway.

It’s being reported that the “they” she was referring to was Joshua Finkbeiner, 30,  Staci Harjo, 40, and  Daniel Vasquez, 33.

Court documents state that Vasquez arrived at Toombs’ home around 1 a.m. on the day she vanished. Not long after, Finkbeiner and Harjo also showed up, accusing Toombs of stealing a backpack in Harjo’s car, which Shaliyah had borrowed earlier. Apparently, the backpack contained a hard drive belonging to Finkbeiner’s employer. From there, it’s believed the trio took Shaliyah by gunpoint and drove her around for hours until arriving at an area of farmland, The Oklahoman noted. At roughly 4:50am, the mother of two texted her own mother begging for help.

Finkbeiner choked the 23-year-old for “about 20 minutes” and then Harjo instructed Vasquez to “finish her off,” authorities allege in court. It’s believed that after killing her, Vasquez took the car, ditched it and reported to the police that he had a found a body in an abandoned truck.

Vasquez was arrested on a complaint of accessory to a homicide, while Finkbeiner and Harjo were later arrested in Arkansas and held on suspicion of first-degree murder. They will be extradited back to Oklahoma for their alleged crimes.

Shaliyah’s mother told KFOR News that her daughter was pregnant with a son, whose name would have been Hayden.

“We are a family of girls. My mom had two girls. I have Shaliyah. My sister has a daughter. Shaliyah had two girls and we were finally getting a boy,” Taylor said.

“I was like, ‘I am finally going to get a grandson,’ but they took that away from me.”

This is the third killing of a young Black person in the Oklahoma City area by white assailants in the past 30 days. The others were Ramon Smith and Jarron Moreland, both 21.


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