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Portrait of a happy woman with glowing shiny skin

Photo Credit: Paper Boat Creative forGetty Images

The millennial obsession with all things rose gold has affected everything from customized wine chalices to kitchen appliances and now it’s trickled into the beauty industry. Once only available in deep orange tinged bronzes and bright golds highlighters have been retooled into a variety of pink shades that can take any look up a notch. Unfortunately they’re not all created equal as some have a chalky undertone that will leave you less kissed by the sun and more casket sharp. Avoid hitting your favorite brunch spot looking like ashy Larry by choosing one of these Black girl friendly options.

1. FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick,  $25

These conveniently packaged picks from the bad gal herself provide a quick glow up and provide you with the means to flex on snapchat to that Tyga sleeper. 

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