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While Democrats made some noteworthy strides in last week’s midterm elections, the consensus seemed to be that the party has been going down the wrong path of politics as of late. And nowhere has that been more clear than among its leadership, which has suffered a series of missteps and blunders that may have contributed to Democrats not being as successful as they had hoped in the crucial elections.

All of which likely explains the apparent internal revolution going on with the Democratic Party, which could emerge post-elections with new leadership.

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With the party struggling to recover from a political retreat for several election cycles, Speaker of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in the political crosshairs of Democrats who are eager to take her position.

Ohio’s Rep. Marcia Fudge, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), is one of the latest to hint at plans to compete for the coveted House Speaker post, telling the Huffington Post on Thursday that she’s “overwhelmed” by all the folks who want to see her challenge Pelosi’s leadership.

“I don’t hate Nancy. I think Nancy has been a very good leader. I just think it’s time for a new one,” she said, adding that there are far more lawmakers who oppose Pelosi’s leadership than the 17 who signed a letter saying they won’t vote for her to continue as speaker in 2019.

Fudge dismissed the narrative that Pelosi led the party back to power in the House and criticized the California Democrat for failing to advocate for Black lawmakers in Congress.

Perhaps most troubling to Black Democrats is Pelosi’s eagerness to make peace with President Trump, who brought his long history of racism with him to the White House. Shortly after Democrats won control of the House, the speaker began talking about the same bipartisanship that the Trump-led Republicans have avoided like the plague.

Meanwhile, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez also came under fire from the CBC. Caucus members passed a vote of no confidence on Wednesday against Perez who took over the DNC in February 2017.

Perez praised Black women for leading the party to victory last year in key races in Virginia and Alabama. However, when it came to several Black women candidates in 2018 races, the party showed little support initially, like in the case of Ayanna Pressley. Yet those same Black women stepped up as voters and candidates alike to help the party regain control of the House.


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