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When I think of my many years buying 10 packs of noodles for a dollar, then religiously eating them for seemingly every meal, I get very nostagic and am reminded of my simplier, carefree youth. Then, I see a video that takes that same “food” and uses it to fix a broken sink. Suddenly, my nostalgia turns to amazement, then confusion, then concern. “Wow,” because someone was so creative and able to find a DIY fix for their problem. “Wait…what?” That is supposed to be consumed as food, not used as plaster. “Yuck!” Really? What in the world were we eating all of this time?

I often have the conversation with friends about my shopping in the more expensive, gourmet supermarkets and getting fewer food items while paying more money. My argument is always that it is better to pay more now for whole, real, organic, unprocessed food that will nourish my body, then to pay later in medical bills and poor health because I consumed low cost, processed food that fills your stomach but does not nourish your body. I think this noodle plaster kinda proves my point. Watch what you eat family.