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Who wouldn’t want a song they wrote sung by the award-winning Bishop Marvin Sapp? I am not a songwriter, but if I were my hand would be raised high. However, if you are a song writer, take advantage of this opportunity. In a recent social media post, Marvin Sapp shared that on his last project, he accepted 150 song submissions. 4 of those songs made it to his project. That means there is a chance the next inspirational hit could be yours. Here is what you need to know.

Marvin Sapp Song Submissions

Source: Marvin Sapp / Marvin Sapp

  1. Submit and MP3 of your song, fully demoed.
  2. Have complete lyrics and publishing information.
  3. Email to
  4. Music must be copyrighted.
  5. Any incomplete submissions will not be accepted.