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Black Lives Matter street sign depicting injustice and names of people killed by Police Brutality, New York City

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Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne was punished for doing the right thing back in 2006 when she interfered with a fellow police officer using a choke hold on a black suspect that was in handcuffs, her actions in 2020 would have saved the life of George Floyd, but in 2006 she saved the life of the suspect and lost her livelihood when  Cariol Horne was fired for her interference losing her pension.

Now in 2020 Cariol Horne has been pushing for change with a new law, Cariol Horne’s Law, to help police officers that are doing the right thing, trying to make a difference and really trying to protect and serve while not being punished for it.

And it looks like that change that has been a long time coming as well as justice for Cariol Horne is going to come.

The Buffalo city council is asking the New York state attorney general to investigate Cariol Horne’s case.

Take a look at the video below

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