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One of the Georgia cops seen on a viral video brutally beating and arresting a passenger in a car was set to be fired, but there were no indications that criminal charges were coming as the victim of the police violence remained in behind bars.

Roderick Walker was identified as the passenger in the car that deputies with the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office stopped on Friday because of a broken taillight. When cops asked Walker for his ID, the passenger said he didn’t have any, prompting the officers to resort to ruthless violence in response. The incident was filmed by bystanders from multiple, separate angles providing a clear view of a helpless Walker being pummelled and choked to the point that he said “I’m gonna die!” and “I can’t breathe!”

One video recorded from a wider angle showed a little boy running around and panicking while Walker was being beaten by the police.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill ordered the still-unidentified and now-former cop to be “terminated,” according to a press release issued Sunday. The reason for the firing is “excessive use of force.” The investigation would be referred to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, which will ultimately decide whether criminal charges are warranted.

But the press release also said that even though “The Sheriff ordered a signature bond courtesy for Mr. Walker 48 hours ago,” that still would not get him released immediately because “Mr. Walker has a felony probation warrant out of Fulton County for Cruelty to Children, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and a Failure to Appear warrant out of Hapeville which resulted in Magistrate Court denying him a bond.”

Lastly, the press release added that despite the vicious nature of the police brutality, there were “no fractures detected” after Walker’s head was x-rayed. He was receiving medical attention and being monitored by the jail’s doctor.

Photos of Walker after he was booked show he has a swollen and blackened left eye.

A bystander recorded footage of the traffic stop from a different vantage point than the other videos and showed the aftermath of the arrest with Walker, visibly distressed after sustaining such a brutal beating, resisting police orders.

A police report shows that Walker was booked on two separate counts of obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers and two separate counts of battery.

It was unclear if the officers involved were wearing body cams, let alone activated them during the encounter.

The police violence took place amid nationwide protests against police brutality, racism and what is far too often the deadly combination of the two.


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