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Deitrick Haddon isn’t one to hold his tongue.

The Detroit native checked in with AV from the Houston BMW Studios and wasted very little time voicing his pleasure in regards to the results of the 2020 election but also made a strong statement: the church has some explaining to do.

“I think the first order of the church is to unify,” Haddon told AV. “And for a certain group of evangelicals and church folk to have a come to Jesus moment and realize, ‘OK, we’ve been operating in some level of racism under the banner of patriotism and Christianity. We’ve been using that as an overlay for the underplay. When you have a significant amount of African-American people who subscribe to you in your church? They’re tithed payers, they’re faithful and for you to be tone-deaf and numb to those people? You need a come to Jesus moment. ”

He added, “Or, I will advise that those people leave those churches in droves. Because how can we walk together except we green? You must understand my fight, my plight, what I’m going through. You can’t ignore – if I’m crying to you that I’m hurting and you’re ignoring? Why should I respect you as a leader? I’m just giving you hardcore facts. The one thing that 2020 has done is open our eyes to see who’s who and what’s what. We need to have a real come to Jesus moment and the only way it’s going to happen is if the people put a demand to have one.”

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Haddon didn’t leave Trump unscathed from his remarks, referring to the country’s choice to vote him out as America being “tired.”

“We’re tired of the Trumpery,” Haddon said. “It is not a new word, it’s an old word. Trumpery means flashy but worthless. It means junk. Look it up. And people are tired of the stuff, the flashiness but there’s not no substance.”

The gospel community was brought into the political spotlight last week after Paula White‘s controversial prayer calling for “angels from Africa and South America” to help Trump win re-election. While he had a laugh about the prayer, Haddon did say he was still loved White due to their prior history when Haddon used to preach at her church in Tampa but was weary of her choice to take certain deals.

“You know when people start praying, they imaginations start going,” Haddon said. “If you gon’ call an angel, it need to be from a Heavenly host, not from some geographical place. If you calling for angels from Africa, we already dealing with the fallen angels in America. But there’s one thing about me and all my friends will tell you this, ‘If you’re wrong? Deitrick gon’ tell you.”

The Detroit native broke down his new single,  “Complete Me,” whether or not there will be a new Preachers of L.A. and more. Watch the full interview below and subscribe to Majic 102.1 on YouTube. Plus, don’t miss Haddon as he takes part in our Praise Virtual Revival TONIGHT alongside Jonathan Nelson and Dr. Maurice Watson

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