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When Tia Cummings joined Walker & Company, in 2019, as the VP of marketing, she embarked on a mission to take the company’s health and beauty brands — Bevel and Form — to new heights. One year later, Cummings is the mastermind and scribe behind Bevel’s “Created For Kings” campaign — a visual montage comprised of positive images of Black men.

Cummings’ commitment to the Bevel brand is rooted in her desire to shape the narrative around Black men and continually praise them as kings using the hashtag #weseeyou. Bevel, which was founded, in 2013, by Black entrepreneur Tristan Walker before if was acquired by Proctor And Gamble. The company has always been devoted to Black excellence, offering their customers top quality shaving products and elevated retail experiences catered to the culture.

We recently spoke to the executive about what attracted to the Bevel brand, the inspiration behind the “Created For Kings” campaign and putting other women in the position to have a seat at the table.

HelloBeautiful: What first attracted you to the Bevel brand and company?

Tia Cummings: I was attracted to their mission. They were very clear that the priority of the organization was serving the beauty needs of Black consumers first, and that was striking to me. I wasn’t aware of many other organizations that were making that claim so boldly, and I loved it. As a Black woman, it really spoke to me, and I was excited about the opportunity to help them achieve this mission.

HB: Tell me about the recently launched Created For Kings campaign

TC: 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but the Black community has been hit especially hard. As a brand committed to helping Black men look and feel their best, I wanted to send a message that would be uplifting to them during a time when they may be feeling beat down and unsupported. It was meant as a love letter to tell them that they matter, they are seen, and they are appreciated. I believe that this message will spread and encourage others to support and uplift our Black men.

HB: Why is Bevel a brand Black women, who shop for their men, support?

TC: I think there are a few reasons. First, I believe Black women love supporting Black-founded/Black-owned brands that are specifically made for our skin and hair, and we definitely fall into that category. Second, they want their men to use high quality products with only the best ingredients, and Bevel meets that need too. Finally, I think our stylish packaging, great smelling scents, and overall brand image appeal to them in a way that other male grooming brands don’t.

Bevel’s Limited Edition Black Trimmer

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HB: As a Black woman with a seat at the executive table, how important is it for you to help other Black women rise the ranks?

TC: This is EXTREMELY important to me and something I spend a lot of time on. I have never subscribed to the belief that this is a competition and there is only room for a few of us. I am constantly mentoring other Black women of color to help them reach the executive level because I think there need to be many of us! Organizations benefit from our presence because we bring a different perspective that is often overlooked. I’m inspired by other Black female executives like Bozoma St. John at Netflix, Rashida Jones at MSNBC, and Roz Brewer at Starbucks just to name a few. And I hope that I can serve as an inspiration to young women coming up behind me.

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