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Protecting your relationship doesn’t just mean out in the streets but in the virtual world too. Richie-Ann Rushell J went viral for her photos with her bae as she has chosen to blur and damn near erase his face in all of her photos. Gaining the ultimate commitment of marriage is more important to her than a few more likes.

This trend has been going on in many relationships for people who just aren’t ready to go fully public with their relationship yet. Some people view this as “Hilariously Insecure” but I don’t think it has to be seen as a negative. There are creative ways to switch up how you take photos to bring variety on your profile. I’ve put together a list below of 8 ways to “hide” your loved one’s identity in case you don’t have time to erase and blur faces in every pic like Richie-Ann Rushell J.

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Option 1:

Shift The Focus

In the photo below you’ll see that your eyes gravitate towards what’s happening in the photos and not necessarily who’s in the photo. The plane, the ocean and the beach becomes the main focus.

Option 2:

Lighting is Key

Shadows are your friend. Make sure the light is behind you and not shinning on you.

Option 3:

Use An Object

Cover your face or your dates face with a book or any other household items. Phones are the most common and usually easiest item to come by.

Option 4:

Use A Body Part

Heeead, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, can all be used to keep your bae unseen.

Option 5:


Option 6:

Zoom In

This option is a step above a crop. Everyone can sill see the face or body of the other person but it’s a lot closer than a normal photo would be.

Option 7:

Backs To The Camera

Turn around then snap the pic. This option also allows you to show off your surroundings as well as you and your partner.

Option 8:

If All Else Fails, Crop Them Out

The poses are cute but sometimes it may just come down to cropping bae out the pic. Sorry, not sorry.


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