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The Hit Show “Married At First Sight” announced their next location will be Nashville, TN. If you or someone you know would like to apply please click the link below and look out for next season of MAFS based in San Diego, CA premiering July 6, 2022.

APPLY HERE For Married At First Sight Nashville


Married At First Sight: Atlanta

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography / The First Look Photography MAFS Atlanta

Married At First aka MAFS has become one of the wildest relationship series on television. Since the show’s first season in the United States in 2014, there have been many success stories along with many heartbreaks. The show has helped singles find love in many cities across the country including; New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Philly, Charlotte, Dallas, New Orleans, D.C. and currently Houston. Season 14 of the show is heading back to Boston and it was just announced that casting for season 15 in San Diego, California is now open.

MAFS Houston

Source: Amber Charles Photography / Lifetime MAFS Houston

This modern twist on arranged marriages franchise originated in Denmark and quickly caught fire in the U.S. as well as many other counties around the world. The show is now airing in Australia, England, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Slovakia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, and Hungary.

Married at First Sight

Source: Lifetime / Kinetic Content MAFS DC

I’m sure we all remember when MAFS took a visit to D.C. (cast pictured above), with the volcanic relationship between Taylor & Brandon, liar liar pants on fire Michael and I’ll find any excuse to leave but still act like the nice guy, Zach. But look, those antics couldn’t even top this past season’s shenanigans. Atlanta was definitely out of control with couples like Chris and Paige as well as Jacob and Haley. If you didn’t watch season 12, you can get a recap on bossip here. Despite the constant drama in those relationships, 3 marriages survived the Atlanta season; Briana & Vincent, Clara & Ryan as well as Virginia & Erik. To keep up with all of the successful couples from all 12 seasons of MAFS as their lives and families grow, you can watch Married At First Sight Couples Cam on Lifetime.

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Amani And Woody & Karen And Miles For Munaluchi Bride

Source: Photos By Reem @PhotosByReem / Munaluchi Bride MAFS New Orleans

Greg And Deonna

Source: Dani Keane Photography / Kinetic Content MAFS Charlotte

Casting for season 15 in San Diego, California has just wrapped and will be premiering soon. Don’t miss new episodes airing Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

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