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Savannah James is one of the most illusive athelethe wives of all time, maintaining a mystique that allows her to trend everytime she posts a simple selfie. And it’s all be design. The James’ matriarch would have it no other way and she’s opening up about in May-June issue of The Cut.

“I just really wanted to enjoy being a mom and supporting my husband. I wasn’t super-comfortable with putting myself out like that,” she revealed to writer Sylvia Obell. Despite being married to one of the greatest NBA players of all time, Lebron James, Savannah has managed to keep her private life private and stay sane by avoiding the comments section. “That is going to put you in a rabbit hole that you don’t want to be in,” she explained.

Savannah also shares the secret to her glow-up. The poreless wonder revealed her perspective on parenting, fashion, and beauty during their conversation. 

“I love a serum. I think that helps a lot. I layer moisturizer.” 

James follows the expert advice of adapting her routine as needed. “I have one that’s a lighter situation, one that’s a heavier situation,” she explained. 

She is also a fan of chemical exfoliation but she is not preoccupied with every ingredient that swipes across her golden skin. “Chemically exfoliating really helped me a lot,” she continued. “My aesthetician gave me a peel pad. Skin Better Science. What exactly is in it? I’m not sure, but she does what she needs to do,” she added. 

James revealed some of the products she uses to create the looks we stan over. 

“I love the Lancôme concealer. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. I love my Fenty glosses, the Heat ones, love, love,” she said. 

There’s one product she needs at all times. “To be honest, my lip liners. I get them wherever I can, whether that’s a CVS or at Sephora or whatever. Got to be a brown lip liner. I try them all,” she revealed, 

James, who was seen taking on barber duties in the pandemic, has roots as DIY-beauty practitioner. “I used to scratch my sisters’ dandruff and grease their hair,” she said. “I evolved, and I started to wash and blow-dry their hair. And then I evolved again, and I’m giving full-out silk presses. Kitchen beautician if you need me. Link’s in the bio.” 

Access to some of the top labels in the world and a great stylist has not changed James’ affection for the styles she came up in. 

“Coming from Ohio, I was an urbanwear girl. I love my Rocawear. I love my Enyce, my Ecko. I was wearing it all and loved it. I was killing it. Imma wear a velour suit with some Air Forces,” she said. 

James increasing her time in the spotlight has made her a role model for many but she has one special supporter she cares about most – her daughter Zhuri. 

“Maybe last year sometime, we were sitting watching TV and having a conversation and all of a sudden she says, “Mommy, I want to be just like you … you dress so good and you do your makeup so good and you’re just so cool and you can dance …” It was all the things that were appealing to a 7-year-old at the time.” 

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