Kym Lee

Each season Make Up Artist to the stars, Kym Lee tells us to clean the clutter from our make up bags. #1 First, check to see if your make up should be tossed due to the shelf life. #2 Lighten your foundation for the winter.  Normally our skin tones are darker in the summer and […]

The Beauty Spot with Kym Lee debuts in the mid-day.  Check out make up artist to the stars, Kym lee every Monday as she shares commentary regarding “all things beautiful”!  This week Kym Lee attends New York Fashion week and shares what beauty trends remain current.  Kym tells us the ponytail showed up on the […]

This week Kym Lee shares us how to cool it down in order to remain Fluttery and Fabulous.  She recommends that we take our time and cool down in the morning, keep a portable fan, spray water mist, prime your eyes for shadows and eyeliner to keep from developing raccoon eyes. Check out the full commentary: KymLee0717

This week Kym Lee talks about being beautiful and staying true to the earth!  Its an organic way to maintain out beautiful manicures!  Check it out: KYMLEE0626

  This week on the Beauty Spot, make up artist tot he stars, Kym Lee shares her Beauty Bucket List.  What are some of the “unreachable” beauty things that you’d like to do!  Send us your list! Check out the full commentary here:  kYMLEE0709

With the temperature rising for these summer months make up artist to the stars, Kym gives us awesome tips on how to avoid the frizzies!  Honestly, I believe she looks great either way.  Check out her commentary here:

This week on the Beauty Spot Kym Lee shares a few best beauty finds specifically for the beach.  Some of the things she talks about is the tinted moisterizer by NARS, Boarder Line Lip Pencil by Two Faced, Water proof mascara top coat by Anastasia (found in Nordstrom), Dry Oil, Aqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo […]

First, there was foundation. Then along came tinted moisturizers. Now there are BB creams and CC creams, and soon to be DD creams. All these alphabets are confusing me. What’s the difference? Is it just a marketing gimmick? Make up artist to the stars Kym Lee does some research and breaks it down for us. […]

  This week Kym Lee shares her make up skills at the MET Gala.  The 2013 Met Gala is the Super Bowl of red carpets. Unlike more mainstream events like the Academy Awards, this is a night for fashion’s brightest stars to take risks — and did they ever.  This year’s theme was PUNK.   Check out […]

  With the high pollen count that we’ve experienced the last few weeks, Make Up Artist to the stars, Kym Lee shares a few tricks of the trade to relieve those itchy running eyes.  Check out some of her favorite make up and tactics here:  

    This week on the Beauty Spot Kym Lee talks about Bare Mineral’s “Go Bare Tout” That kicks off here in Washington, DC April 20th – May 12th at its Georgetown location.  Discover your best skin ever with award-winning bareMinerals ORIGINAL Foundation, the foundation that started the makeup revolution, and our newest game-changer, bareMinerals […]

  This week on the Beauty Spot with make up artist to the stars, Kym Lee we talk about the significance of Beauty “BB” Creams.  Kym shares how these Beauty Creams have been in the Asian markets for years and have just found its way to the United States.  BB Creams can serve as a […]