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Controversial former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain (pictured left) is set to host his own news talk radio format replacing “equal opportunity offender,” libertarian political commentator Neal Boortz (pictured right), who is retiring after a span of four decades, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The 66-year-old Atlanta businessman, who actually has a radio background, will resume where Boortz left off when the seasoned host takes his leave on January 21, 2013.

Cain will assume the same time slot and his program will air in the same 200 markets nationwide as did his predecessor.

The very married “Hermanator” bowed out of the presidential race last December, after a bright spotlight was shone on some sexual improprieties involving an alleged 13-year affair with Atlanta woman Ginger White.

The man whose political missteps made more than a few politicos snicker says that he will give listeners “the cold, hard truth and the facts.” In a press release Cain added:

Neal has spent his career as a bold, vocal advocate of what is right in this world and condemning that which is not. I promise the torch Boortz is handing off to me will blaze as bright, as bold, and as loud as ever.  Also, I am ecstatic that Neal has kept the radio host’s chair warm for me all these years. He may be “The TalkMaster,” but Neal’s listeners know I’m the “The Dean of the University of Common Sense.”

Hmm, time will tell what the former Godfather Pizza CEO has in store for his listening audience.  Let’s not forget that this is the same man who claimed he had been”joking” when he called for a fence along the Mexican border with “electrified barbed wire” that could kill people trying to enter the country illegally.

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