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Mary J. Blige admits doing Burger King was a big mistake.

The grief she faced after her controversial Burger King chicken wrap commercial was released on the Web was unlike anything she had ever envisioned or imagined.

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The whole world seemed to gang up on poor Mary.

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Blige gave details—reportedly for the first time—on The Angie Martinez Show yesterday, about how she felt about the outrage. She says doing the commercial was a “mistake” and a “learning experience.”

The songstress told Martinez that initially, she felt like she wanted to “crawl under the bed.”

“I said, it’s just too much going on for me to try to stick my head out there and say anything. So I just pulled back and I watched everyone and everything, and it’s just something that I thought would have been something great… a branding opportunity. It never was a chicken commercial. It was about a sandwich, and I was singing about an ingredient in a sandwich. …”

Discussion and coverage of the debacle went from Twitter to blogs to major news outlets, exposing an international audience to Blige’s branding flub.

“It just broke my heart that people were just going crazy,” Blige said. “It made people’s Websites go up, it made people get more ratings on their radio stations. Cool. Whatever. Hee-hee-hee. Ha-Ha-Ha. But the thing that hurt me is when people started saying vicious, negative things that had nothing to do with that.”

She apologized, again, to fans and said it was not her intent to be part of buffoonery or anything that would shed a negative light on African Americans. “I would never do anything like that purposely. I thought I was doing something right, so forgive me.”

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