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When will they learn?  Stop posting ANY and EVERYTHING on social media….unless you welcome the self inflicted wrath that follows.  So quick to call someone out of their name.  Referring to blacks as some form of primate is disgraceful! Stating your opinion is one thing lady, but to sprew your maliciousness and degradation simply because you disagree with someone is deplorable behavior!  Now, let’s get to the reason of my rant.  A Pennsylvania GOP official decided to post on Facebook that NFL players taking a knee are baboons. As if that wasn’t enough,she  referred to these men as overpaid ignorant blacks who should go to Africa. Yea, she ended up resigning but she certainly didn’t retract her idiotic statements.  She did, however, respond by saying that her post was “insensitive” and she would “work to show everyone” who she really is. Is she joking right now? Everyone has gotten her message loud and clear at this point as to who she is so her additional commentary is unneccessary and unwanted.  Furthermore, this conversation over NFL players taking a knee is so redundant but again TAKING A KNEE is for the social injustice NOT TO DISRESPECT THE FLAG. Do you really want to know what disrespecting the flag is? According to  Cornell Law School, the flag should never be used for “advertising purposes for any manner whatsoever”(among a slew of other things but not kneeling)so there goes your coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, etc.; and you thought you were being patriotic. You’re welcome. Still wanna protest?










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