About Denise Hill

What does it mean to be “authentic?” Are you connected to yourself enough to know if you are indeed living a life that is authentically you? Or, are you living a life sculpted from unresolved past pain and internal conflict? Do you know where to go to start the process of living a whole and […]

One of my most traumatic moments in life was when I entered high school and realized I had been placed into special education classes, then called SLRD (Slow Learning Reading Disability). I was told I could not read like the other students and needed to be in these classes where I was clearly and directly […]

A little over a week before the new year, Pastor David Wright, son of the legendary Grammy nominated artist Rev. Timothy Wright, took to Facebook to solicit prayers for his brother Danny Wright. Danny, is the father of “DJ” who lost his life in the same 2008 car accident that claimed the family matriarch, Betty […]

I grew up on the border of Souteast, DC in Suitland, Maryland. It was far enough for DC residents to say I am from Maryland, but close enough for me to claim I was from DC. Now, under this umbrella identity of “The DMV” (DC, MD, VA), I can confidently and without reservation publicly claim […]

Mildred Muhammad is a mother, an international speaker, an author, and a domestic violence advocate. Yet, on the tag end of her introduction is always the most captivating and intriguing description of who she is; the ex-wife of D.C. sniper, John Lee Muhammad. The first few moments in her presence was a mixture of shock, […]

I think it is safe to say, out of the many birthday parties, family reunions, marriage dates, births of our children, and other such life events, September 11, 2001 is one of those moments in time that is seared into the memory of those who were alive to experience it. Whether you were in New […]

Saturday, August 18th, Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary-General, passed away in Switzerland at the age of 80. Recently Akufo-Addo, president of his homeland of Ghana, announced that he will receive a state funeral and buriel September 13th. Regarding the upcoming activities he said, “It’s going to be a major event for our country… I […]

If you are planning on taking one last trip to the beach this Labor Day weekend, you may be joined by more than just your fellow beach-goers. Both Ocean City in Maryland and Bethany Beach in Delaware have reported recent outbreaks of “Sea Lice.” Their name is a bit off from what they actually are. […]

After a period of relative quiet, it seems like there is a sudden increase of the amount of earthquakes reported. August 19th there was a 6.9 earthquake affecting Indonesia. August 21st, Grenada, Venezuela, and Trinidad and Tobago experiences a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. And on August 22nd, a 6.2 quake hit Oregon. So many back to […]

Building trust is difficult; whether in man of in Christ. You don’t always have the body of evidence from past experiences of trusting support your choice to trust again. We are encouraged by the testimony of other’s but that was their experience to build their trust and, unfortunately, it is nontransferable. We have to be […]

If you have ever used a camera of any type, you have the experience of ensuring the person, place, or thing you want to take the picture of is the actual thing the camera is focusing on. The focus does not remove any one else in the picture; only makes them less significant. It does […]

Imagine signing your child up for a team sport, believing the experience would teach them to even reinforce the good traits you want to be instilled in them to become successful and productive adults in society. Now, imagine the coach you trusted with your child’s development begins to yell and use profanity toward your child […]